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Get motivated and make changes you can live with for a lifetime.   We offer complete fitness programs for kids, teens, and adults.

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Ask about our FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS A one hour complimentary Tae Bo® class with beginner modification as needed to best meet your level of fitness.



             Tae Bo® Class Description

A program that combines martial arts and boxing with the rhythm of dancing to create a complete body sculpting, fat blasting workout that is fun and pushes its participants to their ultimate fitness level. A one-hour Tae Bo® Cardio workout burns approximately 800 calories. The mind/body connection provides overall fitness and weight loss, as well as a life-changing experience for those whose dedication takes them through a total body transformation.


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Asa Cansler, H.P.E.  

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Certified TAE BO® Instructor

“Energetic. Passionate. Commitment to helping others.  These are some of the attributes, Asa  Cansler possesses.

A certified member of the team Tae Bo®, who works with Billy Banks, it’s creator, Asa is a driving force in the community in keeping women, men and children fit.

Recently capturing her giving one of her signature one-hour non-stop exhilarating Tae Bo classes”.. there was sweat, smiles and a sense of accomplishment in the eyes of her students.”

Nancy Rokos, Burlington County Times